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West coast style blend that is very smooth and captures the intense smoky flavor; It will have you dreaming of a fur route along the famous Oregon Trail. Technically a dark roast but brews as a medium-dark.

Country of origin: Colombia & Guatemala

Farmer Direct; Hand crafted from high quality coffee beans grown on small farms in Colombia & Guatemala.

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Customer Reviews

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JOHN MIKLEA (North Bergen, US)
Great Coffee

Very good tasting coffee just the right blend of bean's will buy again for sure

Paul Seayrs
Just a suggestion

I would be nice if you made a decaf version using the water method. Some of us old trappers like drinking a lot of coffee but need to cut back on the caffeine sometimes.

Fin Dorough (Boise, US)
A treat for the trapline.

This is good coffee. It's got a good amount of zip to it.

Dan (Perley, US)
Good but not Great

Trapline blend is a good cup of coffee, but not great. I like a dark roast, it brews more like a medium and has a bitter finish. Remember this is just my opinion and I support Jeff and his bride on this business venture

Thanks for the honest review Dan. Your are absolutely right, it cups/brews to more of a traditional medium roast, but technically, it's a dark roast, it goes through the 2nd crack in roasting process. ... The description is 'Technically a dark roast but brews as a medium-dark.' ... You may find the Kodiak more to your liking which is an exception dark roast.

Jill Easton (Memphis, US)
Delicious coffee

Trapline coffee is rich and bold without being bitter or overwhelming. It makes starting each morning a better place to be. I was a convert with the first cup.

That's great to hear Jill ! Thank you very much!

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