About Us

We are Trapline Coffee Co. 

Founded in 2022 after two passions collide - something that's been "brewing" for well over a decade...

Jessica, a former owner of a full scale franchised coffee shop in the early 2000's, has been a coffee lover for decades. She has an extreme passion for exceptional coffee and has had a brewing desire to develop her own coffee brand. A brand she could share with the people she cares about. 

Jeff, a former US Marine and inventor of HAGz Trapping Products has a passion for trapping like no other. Often trapping out of state on various excursions, Jessica has always sent Jeff packed with the "infamous" snack baskets, coffee included, of course.

Passions Collide: On one trip in 2018 to a remote wilderness location in Alaska, after a miserable weather incident, the trip was "saved" after some of the coffee Jessica sent was discovered, that simple cup of hot coffee was a game changer and was referred to as "soul touching". That further set the stage for Jessica's coffee quest. Jessica's real passion is making people happy, coffee and snack baskets are just the catalyst.  

Together, they are offering the best coffee available while supporting responsible trapping and sound conservation. 


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